Re-integration Quality & Empowerment Stimulation
De Methodiek
De Omgeving
Programme Final Symposium

10.00 Welcome and registration
10.30 Opening Mr. Eric Demandt, director PWG
(Pluryn Werkenrode Group)
10.45 Empowerment, a way of saying Mrs. Annemarie Corjanus, Theatre ID
11.00 The empowerment avalanche' (connecting vision and practice) Mr. Frans Nijhuis, professor Univ. Maastricht
11.20 The REQUEST project' Mrs. Tessa Zaeyen, project manager REQUEST
11.40 Added value of the empowering approach
1. 'Benefit and necessity' Mr. Fini de Paauw, Chairman CG authority (Authority for the chronically ill and disabled)
2. 'Scientific fundaments' Mrs. Brigitte van Lierop, programme leader iRv (knowledge centre for rehabilitation and handicap)
3. 'Empowerment and quality Guus van Beek, manager EQRM (European Quality Rehabilitation Mark)
4. 'Empowering strategy in Practice' Project partners present cases from the REQUEST project)
12.30 Empowerment, a way of saying Mw. Annemarie Corjanus, Theatre ID
12.45 Lunch
13.45 'Get going with empowerment I' Parallel session with working groups
15.15 'Get going with empowerment II' Parallelsessie with working groups
Working groups:
1. 'Empowering Quality' Mr. Guus van Beek, EQRM
2. 'Empowering Organisation' Mrs. Annemarieke Meelker, REA College Nederland
3. 'Empowering Professional' Mrs. Ingrid Scheurink, REA College Nederland
4. 'Empowering Leadership' Dhr. Sibo van Veen, management consultant Combinobis
16.30 Empowerment, a way of saying Mw. Annemarie Corjanus, Theatre ID
16.45 . Closure and drinks